Feb 22 2010

Unsafe Cribs Recalled

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently announced the product recall of approximately 635,000 infant cribs following the death of a 6-month-old child amidst dozens of reported problems related to child safety.

Defective Hardware
Distributed by Dorel Asia, which is based in Barbados, the cribs were designed with hardware that was found to be defective. The defective hardware was subject to failing which resulted in the drop-side of the crib to become detached, creating a space that could cause a small child to become trapped and strangle or suffocate.

Additionally, slats in the crib were also prone to damage which could result in a strangulation or entrapment hazard. This damage was found to be possible in instances where the crib was either in use or in storage. Damage could also occur when the crib was being assembled, disassembled, reassembled or even during normal shipping and handling.

Fatal Tragedy
The CPSC issued a statement which indicated the 6-month-old involved in the fatal incident became trapped and died when the drop-side hardware on the crib broke. Dorel Asia and the CPSC received a total of 36 reports of slat damage, 31 reports of drop-side hardware breakage and 10 reported injuries. In a separate statement, Dorel Asia said that a safety investigator had informed them that the child’s parents had attempted to repair the broken hardware with duct tape. As such, Dorel Asia made the claim that the circumstances in the death of the 6-month-old were “highly unusual”.

Recall Actions
The recalled cribs were manufactured in Vietnam and China and were sold in Sears, Kmart and Wal-Mart for $120-$700 – from January 2005 up until December 2009. Several models of the cribs have been recalled.

The CPSC issued a warning to consumers that they should immediately refrain from using the recalled cribs and find alternate bedding for their children. They were also advised to contact Dorel Asia, either by phone or their website, to receive a free replacement kit.

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