Pedestrian Killed in Largo Car Accdent

A local resident was killed Sunday in a Largo car accident involving a Ford Taurus and a pedestrian on Seminole Boulevard.

Shortly before 8:00 pm, 56-year-old Michael Patrick Bain of Largo, Florida was attempting to cross Seminole Boulevard at the corner of 110th Avenue when he was struck by a car. He was approaching from the east and heading west across the street when the accident occurred. According to a spokesperson from the Florida Highway Patrol, Thomas R. Lardani, 71, was traveling south on the boulevard when Bain stepped into the path of his 1997 Ford Taurus.

Bain sustained serious injuries in the car accident and was transported to Largo Medical Center. He later passed away due to the severity of his injuries, according to a report released by the police department. Lardani was not severely injured in the collision but did sustain minor injuries.

Although the Largo car accident is still under investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver has not been charged with any wrongdoing regarding the incident.


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