How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accidents

When operating a motorcycle you have to be very cautious and know your surroundings. It is very dangerous, no matter your skills when riding a motorcycle. You have to watch out for other vehicles traveling around you, especially on heavy traffic road and highways. There are five most common mistakes that injury can occur while operating a motorcycle; Failure to negotiate left hand bend on country roads, right turns on country bends, collision at intersections, collisions while overtaking, and loss of control.

Bends on country roads are dangerous for cars let alone motorcyclists. Roads can bend every which way and may be very sharp. Make sure when you are traveling a country road you watch out for signs along with the speed of the road. If you aren’t too familiar with the area why not travel slower to make sure you have enough room before a curve or bend in the road comes up.

Intersections are a major problem when traveling in any type of vehicle. Some intersections have lights and others just have stop signs. Many times if a collision occurs the other driver of a vehicle will say “sorry I didn’t see you there.” Being in a motorcycle is a lot different than being in a car. Motorcyclists are a lot smaller than the average car on the road and many drivers just look past them. Many people driving vehicles underestimate the speed a motorcycle is traveling and may cut them short or nip their back tire.

Another problem is bikers not understanding their bike’s acceleration. No matter if it’s a newer bike which you’ve been driving for a few weeks or an older bike you know very well, anything can happen. You can accidentally brake or shift into the incorrect gear which will then either throw you off the bike or make you lose control. Especially if you are traveling on a highway, many drivers won’t let you move over or just don’t see you in their mirrors.

Serious injury can occur if you would loose control of your bike for some reason. This can include road conditions that are slippery or if there are manhole coverings or potholes. Make sure you follow signs which are posted on the roads to see if anything hazardous is coming up or if there are curves ahead. Always check your tires for proper air pressure and the tread. Always leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles while riding your motorcycle. If a vehicle is riding too close to you from the back, just give yourself a little more room and move up.  You want enough room between you and the vehicles that are traveling with you incase you need to take action immediately.

Each year there are thousands of motorcycle accidents which occur, some of them are deadly. You always need to take precautions while driving a motorcycle even if you believe you have everything under control. It only takes a few seconds for something to occur and everything changes. Weather is one of the biggest issues which motorcycle accidents occur. Make sure if you have to travel in harsh weather conditions, you are careful and extremely cautious.

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