Family Angered by Closing of Fatal Brooksville Car Accident Case

Family members of a pedestrian who was killed in a Brooksville car accident are outraged that no criminal charges have been filed against the driver behind the wheel of the vehicle that struck and killed 73-year old Josefa Rodriguez.

During the morning hours of July 28, Rodriguez was walking south using a crosswalk at the intersection of Aerial Way and Spring Hill Drive. According to a traffic homicide investigator, James Paul Conaty was traveling at a speed of approximately 45 mph when he ran a red light at the intersection and struck Rodriguez.

Rodgriguez was killed by the force of the collision. Conaty was seriously injured and had to be transported by air to a local hospital. Although authorities had initially suspected that Conaty may have been under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident, they were unable to complete a reliable toxicology screening on the driver.

Investigators were unable to make this determination due to the fact that Conaty was administered medication by emergency responders following the accident, and this medication could have mixed with certain recreational substances that may have been in his system. As a result, investigators concluded that Conaty could not be charged with manslaughter related to driving under the influence.

Conaty has previously served time in prison due to a DUI with bodily injury charge and been convicted of driving under the influence on two other occasions. His hearing for the citation of running a red light was held earlier this month.


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