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Burn Injuries

Many burn injuries are caused each year by fire safety violations and undue carelessness.  The American Burn Association estimates that there are around one million burn injuries in the United States each year; of those, close to 45,000 are serious enough to require hospitalization.  If you or someone you love have been the recipient of burn injuries, you may have rights to compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages (past and future), and more.  Burn injuries oftentimes fall under the category of law known as personal injury law and can be caused by a defective product.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Although most people associate burns with “heat”, burns can also be caused by electricity, cold, chemicals, friction, sunlight, and radiation.  Scalds can be caused by steam or hot liquid.  Many burn injuries result from commercial or residential fires, hot liquids, electrical burns, gas tank explosions, pipe explosions, automobile fires, water heater fires, and chemical burns.  Fires can erupt in minutes and become dangerous very quickly.  Even something as innocent as a candle left burning unattended, an extension cord that is overloaded, or even a misplaced fuel tank can have dire and unpredictable consequences.  To complicate things even more, many burn injuries occur while on the job – such as is the case for many restaurant workers who have been burned with hot oil or grease fires.

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Compensation for Burn Injuries

Victims of burn injuries or explosion victims must go through a tremendous and horrific amount of pain and suffer greatly during recuperation; especially if the accident was caused by police officer.  Many of these burn victims may not survive.  Those that do are left to look forward to years of medical procedures, plastic surgeries, skin grafting, and suffering.  Burn injury personal injury attorneys can help these types of victims and their families to receive the compensation to which they are entitled.

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Recovering from Burn Injuries

Burns and scalds (from hot liquid) are very painful injuries that can remain painful for a long time into the foreseeable future.  Serious burns can leave the victim with nerve, tendon, muscle, and ligament damage while causing scarring that is permanent and lifelong; there is also a chance with the most severe burns that the victim will suffer from limited mobility for the rest of their life, as well as distress psychologically.  Badly burned limbs may require amputation.  When your personal injury attorney reviews your case, he or she will look at the specific burn injuries that you have sustained and come up with a case value for your particular case.  No two burns are the same, and no two victims are the same.  Before arriving at a figure that the attorney will seek as compensatory damages, the personal injury attorney will consider the recuperative process and prognosis for your burn injuries.  Recovery from burn injuries may be complicated by depression or mental complications as the victim adjusts to life after a traumatic burn.  A reputable personal injury attorney who is experienced in litigating claims involving burn victims will take all of your aftercare into consideration before your claim is filed.

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