Apr 24 2009

What you should know about Contingency Fees

If at one point you are caught up in a legal situation and you don’t have the money to afford an attorney, don‘t worry you have options. You may want to speak to your lawyer about a contingency fee method. In this case you would never have to pay a penny to your attorney unless you won your settlement. Then at this point your lawyer would receive a percentage of your fees which you’ve won.

The percentage of your contingency fee would be gone over once you speak with your lawyer. It’s usually between 20%-50% of the fees you win from your case.  If you lose the court case you won’t owe anything to the lawyer including lawyer fees and such.

Many times this contingency fee method is arranged when someone has been injured or seeking damages from auto accident or medical malpractice cases. Most attorneys will offer you a free consultation. If after hearing your case they feel that you are probably going to win then they will most likely take on your case and represent you. There wouldn’t be any worrying about hourly fees the lawyer usually charges which racks up after a couple visits.

Some cases that occur are usually only dealt with the contingency fee basis option. These matters consist of the following situations; Wrongful dismissal claims and serious injury claims which occur if the plaintiff is not working or has little income. Most people these days cannot afford a lawyer hourly and let their situations go unsettled. Why have this occur when there are options out there for individuals to claim what they have lost and also should receive as an outcome. If the lawyer notices this case is a positive one and nothing can go wrong and you’ll win, he/she will usually consider a contingency fee basis method. Make sure before you sign a contingency fee document, that there are no hidden fees written if you would lose the case. Always read the agreement word for word before signing anything.

Before you consider using the contingency fee method for your legal case make sure they are worth the percentage your lawyer may charge you. If it’s a small battle and your lawyer suggests a 30% payment once the settlement is won, you might want to reconsider the option. You may be better off paying the hourly fees instead of giving him a larger sum at the end of the settlement. Not all cases where an attorney represents their client wins. So therefore the attorney may raise the percentage of the next case he comes in contact with to make his money back he lost. This doesn’t seem fair for the next client but it’s something they have to do to make their profit equal out.

Make sure your case isn’t something which will only take a few days or maybe just one before considering the contingency fee method. This can mean the difference between you having money or not having money. You can’t afford to lose.

Michigan DUI Felony
Description: Every individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If you have been recently arrested and are reading this, you are not guilty. Get help now!

OWI in Michigan
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Apr 24 2009

What to do if your loved one has suffered from brain injuries

If your loved one gets in any kind of accident the recovery time is sometimes longer.  However if your loved one has suffered a brain injury they may never fully recover. This means that for the rest of your loved one’s life you or someone may have to take care of them.

This is a very tough situation to be in and one that will not only cause you mental stress but possibly some serious financial hardships.  With a brain injury it’s always tough to know how much a person will be able to function after they begin to recover.  What you need is to find a great lawyer who will help you get justice and a good settlement for the injury that your loved one has suffered.

There are many ways to go about the process of finding the right attorney to handle your brain injury case.  But some ways will help you find one that is better equipped to help you out.  One of the biggest things in this type of situation may well be the money that you don’t have to spend anymore. You need to look for an attorney who will at least meet you for the first time free of charge to see if he/she can take on your case. However, it would be even better if you could find one that would take on your case and only charge if they win a settlement for you.

In this type of situation you will find that not having to pay any money up front is very helpful, the money can than be spent on trying to work on the recovery of your loved one.  Remember that a lot of law firms will take on cases like this and take their fees out of the final settlement they have reached for you.

Don’t only base your decision on this though; you need to also have an attorney who you can talk to.  If you have a question and call the law firm, they should return your call within 24 hours.  This shows that you’re an important case to them and that they will work hard to reach a great settlement for you and a loved one who has been injured.

Brain injuries are one of the toughest injuries to have happen to a loved one in your life.  It will be something that will possibly take a while for them to recover from and you need the legal help to get what justice you can.  Don’t just let a party get away with this type of injury they have caused but fight for the loved one’s rights.

Just think how much more you may be able to help your loved one recover with a nice settlement that an attorney may be able to get for you.  This will also help with those medical bills that have piled up and any other bills you may have that wouldn’t have been there normally.  Get justice now for your loved one’s brain injuries by picking the right attorney to represent you.

Apr 24 2009

What to do if you have a slip and fall accident

There are thousands of people whom have slips and falls on other properties including businesses. This can occur because of weather conditions, rough patch of ground, uneven floors, torn carpet, or poorly lit areas when it’s dark. If you have been injured on someone else’s property or at a business, look around and see if it was the carelessness on your behalf or if it was due to the property. If it was the properties fault make sure you speak with whom it belongs to immediately. Explain the situation and point out where exactly you fell to show them how this happened. If there were any witnesses make sure they also give their side of the story. Having someone else see this occur will be embarrassing for you but may also help you out in the long run proving your not at fault.

There isn’t really a way to determine if it’s legally their responsibility for your injury if you slip or fall. The owners of the property could say you were being careless and that the injury could have been avoided. Many cases property owners can just insist they weren’t aware of the poor conditions of their property which then you can’t prove if this is true information or not. If you keep insisting that it was their fault and they don’t budge, look into getting a lawyer.

If you try to settle with the business yourself it might become a big hassle and it may not get anywhere. You might feel if you contact the corporate location or the main owner of the building that they’ll end the case. Many times you can write letters and speak to them on a frequent basis but still nothing. This can be very frustrating if you go alone. If you still feel you were not at fault and there was no way to avoid what has happened to you, seek a lawyer immediately.

The lawyer will be able to make your case stand out to the business owner or the property owner. Once you involve a lawyer they will realize this isn’t a joke and that you are serious. If you slip or fall and feel that you are ok, get checked out anyway to be safe. You never know that your injuries could just be holding back to something going wrong in the near future. When you slip or fall explain the situation to your lawyer and advise him of the situation. If you have a camera on you when the fall happens, make sure to take pictures of the property damage which caused your fall. This will defiantly help you out with your case if it’s taken to court.

Many larger businesses do not want cases brought to court due to their reputations being destroyed. Other times they will file out of court and give you what you are asking for. If you do fall and have injuries they would be responsible for the bills along with treatments you may need to recover. So just remember if you fall, seek the owner immediately and tell them the side of the story and file a complaint.

Most established businesses do have cameras on sight so check to see if any camera caught your fall. If you have suffered injuries that no longer allow you to work then you need to tell your lawyer that as well. Accidents happen and you can’t help that.

Apr 24 2009

How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accidents

When operating a motorcycle you have to be very cautious and know your surroundings. It is very dangerous, no matter your skills when riding a motorcycle. You have to watch out for other vehicles traveling around you, especially on heavy traffic road and highways. There are five most common mistakes that injury can occur while operating a motorcycle; Failure to negotiate left hand bend on country roads, right turns on country bends, collision at intersections, collisions while overtaking, and loss of control.

Bends on country roads are dangerous for cars let alone motorcyclists. Roads can bend every which way and may be very sharp. Make sure when you are traveling a country road you watch out for signs along with the speed of the road. If you aren’t too familiar with the area why not travel slower to make sure you have enough room before a curve or bend in the road comes up.

Intersections are a major problem when traveling in any type of vehicle. Some intersections have lights and others just have stop signs. Many times if a collision occurs the other driver of a vehicle will say “sorry I didn’t see you there.” Being in a motorcycle is a lot different than being in a car. Motorcyclists are a lot smaller than the average car on the road and many drivers just look past them. Many people driving vehicles underestimate the speed a motorcycle is traveling and may cut them short or nip their back tire.

Another problem is bikers not understanding their bike’s acceleration. No matter if it’s a newer bike which you’ve been driving for a few weeks or an older bike you know very well, anything can happen. You can accidentally brake or shift into the incorrect gear which will then either throw you off the bike or make you lose control. Especially if you are traveling on a highway, many drivers won’t let you move over or just don’t see you in their mirrors.

Serious injury can occur if you would loose control of your bike for some reason. This can include road conditions that are slippery or if there are manhole coverings or potholes. Make sure you follow signs which are posted on the roads to see if anything hazardous is coming up or if there are curves ahead. Always check your tires for proper air pressure and the tread. Always leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles while riding your motorcycle. If a vehicle is riding too close to you from the back, just give yourself a little more room and move up.  You want enough room between you and the vehicles that are traveling with you incase you need to take action immediately.

Each year there are thousands of motorcycle accidents which occur, some of them are deadly. You always need to take precautions while driving a motorcycle even if you believe you have everything under control. It only takes a few seconds for something to occur and everything changes. Weather is one of the biggest issues which motorcycle accidents occur. Make sure if you have to travel in harsh weather conditions, you are careful and extremely cautious.

Apr 24 2009

What are your Rights if you are a Victim of a Car Accident?

It can be devastating, changing your life in a split second. You are on your way to the grocery store and someone fails to stop at the light. You didn’t see it coming as the other driver carelessly plunges deeply into the side of your car. You are now a victim of a car accident. You can’t predict what every driver will do in fact all we can do is hope that everyone obeys the law. They follow the signs and pay attention to where they are going. But unfortunately this is not the way that it goes and there is a car accident happening somewhere now as you read.

If you are a victim of a car accident what rights do you have? It’s important to be prepared in case this happens to you. The law protects car accident victims and will help to prevent suffering from loss of income and loss of assets that you may own. To cover all the basics you must do the following if you are a victim in a car accident.

After your car has come to a stop remain seated for a few minutes to assess your situation. Don’t get up and walk around immediately, unless you see or smell smoke. It’s critical to do the right thing the first few minutes of a car accident. You had no idea that you were going to get hit so this is all new to you and you have to absorb it all. Pain can sometimes start immediately or it can be delayed. Sitting still for a few minutes will give you the opportunity to figure out how you or any passengers that are riding with you.

It’s always a good idea to carry a pen and paper in your glove box in case of accidents. Find someone who can take charge of the paper and pen to write names down of everyone who witnessed the car accident. Always get the name and number of the person in charge of the list so you can give it to police. It’s easier to contact one person than several people.

Always seek medical attention. Sometimes the body doesn’t feel pain immediately due to the adrenaline rush. This rush prevents feeling pain and hurt until the rush is over. That is why it’s a good idea to receive care on site, never refuse.

If you are injured, whether you stay in the hospital or recover at home, keep a journal of how you are feeling, what occurred, if anyone contacted you, did you receive any mail regarding the car accident, and every doctor appointment. If you stay on top of things then you will be more prepared if your case goes to trial.

Call an attorney the moment things become complicated. They are there to help you and protect you. Sometimes car accidents are easy and others are hard so be prepared if you need them. Make a list of questions you want to ask your attorney if you need one. This will help you stay on top of things and be prepared so no time is wasted.

Apr 24 2009

Accident Lawyer

If you have had a loved one who was recently killed in a wrongful death, you may well have to look for a personal accident lawyer.  Wrongful death can happen in many different types of cases; from a car accident that was not you’re loved ones fault.  Or maybe some aspirin or other product your loved one took caused their death, this also can be classified as a wrongful death.

Types of wrongful death
There are so many different types of cases that can lead to wrongful death, so you should get an attorney who is qualified to help you out in your search for justice.  It’s not an easy time when a loved one passes away, but when it happens in a wrongful death case you get angry and want to make sure their death doesn’t go unjustified.

Attorney for Wrongful Death
When you go looking for an attorney to handle the wrongful death of your loved one, it’s not only important to find one that specializes in those types of cases.  You should also try to find one that will take your case on a contingency basis.  This will mean that they need to reach a settlement for you in order for them to get any money; a great way that can save you money and have your lawyer working extremely hard on your case to reach that settlement.

Don’t let the wrongful death of that loved one go without notice; get your case heard in court.  Or at least have your lawyer fighting for your loved one.  Even though a large settlement will not bring your loved one back, it may go a long way in helping you pay some medical bills that came about due to the death.  Plus it’s not cheap to bury a person nowadays either.  You can use the settlement money to help to pay all those bills too.

Suffering a Loss
It’s sad to think that tons of people have these types of cases a year, wrongful death is always tough.  So search for the right personal injury lawyer who can help you out.  Again find one that will work on a contingency basis and will not get payment if your case is not won.  Get a lawyer who works strictly personal injury cases, and preferably focuses on those cases that deal in wrongful death.

If you find an attorney and you meet with them, but you feel they may not be the best choice.  Move on don’t just settle, there may be a reason you are feeling this way.  Don’t jump into an agreement with an attorney who sends off the wrong signals to you.  There are so many attorneys’ out there that focus in personal injury cases that it shouldn’t be that hard to try a few different attorneys and see how you feel about them.  Pick the one who you feel will work the hardest for you.  Also try to make sure that they call you within 24 hours after you’ve left a message. It’s up to you to make things right. You can do this by searching all legal directory listings you can find.  It’s important to know your options.